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Walker’s Two Cents – Austin Walks, Undisputed Championship, King of The Ring, More!

Monday 10th June saw the day that Stone Cold Steve Austin “walked” from the WWE. My opinion is that if this is legitimate, World Wrestling Entertainment has lost one of the business’ great wrestlers. On the other hand, rumours have been flying across the internet that the Stone Cold situation is a shoot. For those who don’t know what a shoot is, its a tactic of storyline writing that provides surprise to the fans, where real life is mixed with the wrestling world to manipulate the fact whether a situation is true or whether it is part of a storyline. *Takes Breath*

If this isn’t a shoot and is as real as can be, this is a great loss for the WWE and it won’t be the same without him. I personally wish Stone Cold all the best for his future life, despite his unprofessional method of dealing with his problems with management. You don’t walk away from your job and commitments, it doesn’t cut it with your boss and it tends to pi$s your boss off. Nevertheless, all the best Austin!

For the first time, I am going to address and express my opinions on the Undisputed WWE Championship. As the people around me know all to well, I don’t like the Undisputed Championship idea at all. The fact that the “Undisputed” Championship has changed hands several times since it came into existence suggests that it is far from Undisputed. If it were legitimately Undisputed, Chris Jericho would be Undisputed Champion forever. I thought my prayers had been answered when I tuned into the first RAW after the brand extension and Ric Flair holding a new WWE (Then WWF) Championship Belt. My heart sank when I discovered they were using this as the Undisputed Championship, not the WWE Championship. This new belt rips off the greats like Hulk Hogan (Not Hollywood Hogan, don’t get me started on that), Andre the Giant and the Ultimate Warrior.

Now on to my favourite Pay-Per-View of the year, King of The Ring. I love KoTR because the WWE expect the outcome of the tournament to be unpredictable, but with me around, it isn’t! I successfully predicted last year’s tournament winner, and I plan to do it again right now.

I know all you people, including one of my poor misguided columnists who I will point no fingers at (eh hem…. WARD!) think that “The Next BIG Thing” Brock Lesnar will come out of King of The Ring on top, I would love to agree with you, I really like Brock Lesnar, but it’s just too obvious an outcome, Brock Lesnar is not my pick. RVD – No Chance in Hell, Faces (Good Guys) do not win King of The Ring Tournaments, not lately anyway. Same goes for Hardcore Holly, Booker T and Valbowski. X Pac – Nah!, Y2J – Nope, he’s too good for KoTR now. So that leaves only my pick. That’s right, My pick for King of The Ring is Test. SHUT UP NOW PEOPLE, I AM NOT JUST PICKING HIM BECAUSE HE IS MY FAVOURITE WRESTLER GIVE ME A CHANCE! I think Test is the man to win King of The Ring because of the following reasons:-

Over Recent Weeks, WWE have been testing fan reactions to Test kicking hell out of all the Heel (Bad Guy) wresters that he has faced.

He beat The Hurricane fair and square for his qualifier, every knowledgeable pro wrestling fan knows that heels DO NOT win fairly, the only reason they could have let Test win fairly, is because he will turn face at KoTR. Come on people, it makes sense!

His new finisher – The Test Drive – is one hell of a devastating move and if neccesarry this move could “knockout” even Brock Lesnar and keep him down for a count.

Okay, I hear all you people out there going “But Brock Lesnar’s undefeated Streak isn’t going to end, so nobody will pin him” My Answer to this “Yeah, so what’s to stop Brock Lesnar being disqualified!! DUH!” Sorry to crash your reality all your Test haters out there but Test is your next King of The Ring!!

Final Thoughts

Test for KoTR Winner, Hogan to beat Angle, Triple H to beat Undertaker to boost ratings, The Rock bound to make an impact just because he fancies it, lots of upset people on June 24 when they find out I was right about Test!

Keep well y’all, don’t cry to much when Test wins!

Originally published by The Wrestling Interface
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