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GFW celebrate post Slammiversary successes; Live Events announcement

Jeremy Borash shared details about wrestlers appearing on upcoming live events and celebrated the ratings IMPACT has received since Slammiversary.

This evening’s GFW media conference call kicked off with a series of announcements, shared by IMPACT veteran Jeremy Borash. Hot off the heels of an exciting Slammiversary Pay-Per-View, Borash proclaimed that IMPACT Wrestling has received record ratings in the two weeks following Slammiversary and made key gains in new demographics. In the United Kingdom, JB stated that more women are tuning into IMPACT Wrestling on Spike TV than ever have before, as well as generally good ratings on the channel since its debut in January. The recent tour of India has continued to draw a strong audience from the country with over 3 million people tuning in to last week’s IMPACT on Sony Six. Domestically, ratings have continued to grow on POP with good numbers back to back since Slammiversary.

Jeremy Borash went to discuss the upcoming Live Events in the Tristate area as well as make a blockbuster announcement about wrestlers who will appear on the show. As part of the ongoing partnership with AAA, Global Force Wrestling will be bringing Drago and Taya Valkyrie to the August 4th-6th live events. JB also broke the news that John Hennigan, formerly John Morrisson in WWE will be making his IMPACT Wrestling debut at these events. Hennigan has recently appeared  for AAA and Lucha Underground as well as a role in the Netflix Original Series, Glow.

Borash’s final “hot news” of the call concerned a new tag team on their way to GFW / IMPACT Wrestling. JB stated that while walking the halls in the GFW Headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee today, he spotted the team Ohio is 4 Killers filming vignettes for their upcoming IMPACT Wrestling debut. JB noted that they will not be using the name Ohio is 4 Killers in GFW but made no mention of whether they would be reverting to their alternative name, The Irish Airborne, or using a completely new name for their team.

Stay tuned to RealSport for the full Q&A with Jeremy Borash, Joseph Park and Grado, who discussed their recent match at Slammiversary, the return of Father James Mitchell, their wrestling future, favourite things to eat and more!

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