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Global Force Wrestling’s Trevor Lee: “205 Live is garbage. None of those guys can even hold a dime to what I can do.”

On this week’s weekly media conference call with Low-Ki, Sonjay Dutt and Trevor Lee, RealSport once again sought to ask the tough questions and find out exactly what the trio of former X-Division Champions thought of WWE’s alternative to the X-Division, 205 Live.

Many critics of WWE’s self proclaimed ‘Most Exciting Hour on Television’ argue that the Cruiserweight brand is nothing more than a cheap imitation of GFW’s X-Division and reigning X-Division Champion, Sonjay Dutt, did little to disagree with that assessment. In his comments, Sonjay reminisced that, in its heyday, the X-Division was something “so drastically and dramatically different from everything else that was presented, it didn’t mimic anything else seen on the show.” Sonjay’s point here is a valid one. When watching TNA in the height of the Styles/Daniels/Joe era, there was no question whether you were watching an X-Division contest or any other match on the card. Could you say the same about a Cruiserweight match on RAW? 

Dutt also highlighted the international influence on the X-Division, something that WWE started with the international Cruiserweight Classic tournament but took a backseat once 205 Live began on the WWE Network. Sonjay added, “I think bringing in international talent like Laredo Kid, Marufuji, Ishimori really sets the X-Division apart from what else is on the show, but also sets itself apart from everything else you see on television today.”

Low-Ki’s response to the question sought to emphasise the influence that the X-Division had had on the wrestling industry in general, as well as 205 Live. The reason for this, according to the X-Division legend, is that the X-Division “wasn’t based on size, it was based on style and in order to get noticed, style is what makes matches.” He also suggests that WWE have merely created something that’s an imitation of the X-Division, because it is the transplanted talent of the X-Division that gives 205 Live its identity:

“Many of the performers that you see in 205 Live, or I shouldn’t say many, as there are more of them there now than there were at the beginning, but there is a handful of them who were former X-Division wrestlers. So the identity that 205 Live is trying to create for them has a heavy influence of X-Division written all over it. So there is no comparison, the X-Division is the unique identity.”

While Sonjay Dutt and Low-Ki were respectful in their criticism of 205 Live, Trevor Lee did not at all hold back in his criticism of WWE 205 Live:

“You want to know what 205 Live is? It’s garbage. I’m 225lbs and I’m the X-Division champion; none of those guys can even hold a dime to what I can do. Get out of here!”

Mr. Lee clearly has no time for the Cruiserweights.

What do you think of the X-Division stars’ comments? Which is better, the X-Division or 205 Live? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below or tweet me @thejezshow.

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