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Lashley shares his thoughts on his match with Matt Sydal this Thursday

Ahead of his match with with Matt Sydal at Destination X, ‘Walking Armageddon’ Bobby Lashley took some time during this week’s GFW media conference call to discuss his opponent’s chances and what to expect from the match. When asked for his opinion on his opponent on Thursday night, Lashley was respectful of Matt Sydal and the things he had done in the past but was ultimately dismissive of his talents, dubbing the high-flyer as nothing more than a “stepping stone.”That said, Lashley went on to note how the contrast in styles between the two men will make for an entertaining matchup at Destination X.

“It’s a different matchup for me than I’m used to, with him being so small, but his being a high-flyer is going to be exciting for people.”

Lashley spoke at some length about fans of the X-Division style and how many of them expect Matt Sydal to bring the fight to Lashley, owing to his past history of wrestling men twice his size. “It’s gonna give some of those X-Division and smaller guys’ fans something to look at,” he says. “They’re gonna look at it and think ‘Maybe he might beat Bobby’ because he’s been in the ring with bigger guys like myself and he’s been able to overcome some of these larger matches.

Despite the confident front, it’s clear Lashley has been putting preparation into this contest, even travelling to Canada in order to scout similar opponents:

“I just had an opportunity to go to Toronto this past weekend and get in the ring with one of the guys that, almost, mimics Matt Sydal – a guy by the name of ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey. It’s almost the same style that I had to wrestle so I got my little extra practise in to get ready for Matt Sydal. I’m gonna go out there looking to murder him and he’s gonna try and stay away from me and get something over on me.”

Looking past Sydal

With the level of confidence that Lashley has for his match at Destination X, it’s hardly a surprise that he’s already looking past Sydal and contending for the GFW World Championship again. The question then turns to who would be the next man up to face Lashley, but according to the former four-time World Champion, there isn’t anybody in GFW ready to face him. “They’ve been bringing in people across the board,” he adds. “They brought Josh Barnett in, they brought El Patron in… they keep bringing these guys in to try to challenge me and I just keep knocking them all down.” After briefly discussing and dismissing rising stars Moose & Eli Drake, Lashley closed his thoughts with a contemptuous view of his potential opponents in GFW, stating “They just don’t have anybody. There’s nobody in the wrestling business at all right now that could completely stop me.

Bobby Lashley faces Matt Sydal this Thursday at GFW Destination X in a match where the victor wins the right to face the champion of their choosing as number one contender. The event airs live on POP in the United States and on tape delay in the United Kingdom on Spike TV. 

Lashley vs. Sydal could well be the match of the night at Destination X. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below or tweet me @thejezshow.

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