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Live coverage: Six Nations – Wales vs. England

Live updates from Wales vs. England in the 2023 Six Nations Championship.

Starting lineups for today’s game:


  • 15 Halfpenny
  • 14 Adams
  • 13 Grady
  • 12 Hawkins
  • 11 Rees-Zammit
  • 10 Williams
  • 9 T Williams
  • 1 Thomas
  • 2 Owens
  • 3 Francis
  • 4 Beard
  • 5 A-W Jones
  • 6 Tshiunza
  • 7 Tipuric
  • 8 Faletau


  • 15 Steward
  • 14 Malins
  • 13 Slade
  • 12 Lawrence
  • 11 Watson
  • 10 Farrell
  • 9 Van Poortvliet
  • 1 Genge
  • 2 George
  • 3 Sinckler
  • 4 Itoje
  • 5 Chessum
  • 6 Ludlam
  • 7 Willis
  • 8 Dombrandt

4:40pm GMT: The teams are making their way out into Principality Stadium. Kickoff in five minutes.

4:43pm GMT: A full house in Cardiff and a raucous atmosphere as we move into tributes and the national anthems.

“Six Nations Rugby, its unions, federations and the entire rugby family continue to stand with Ukraine and strongly condemn the aggressive invasion of their country.”

The message of support inside Principality Stadium, a year on from the start of conflict in Ukraine.

4:48pm GMT: We are underway in the Welsh capital.

4:53pm GMT: Neither team are content to maintain possession in the opening minutes of this game, kicking the ball back and forth to each other.

4:58pm GMT: Farrell puts it through the posts for a three point penalty and the first score of the game.

5:06pm GMT: Just as I started to type how things were still fairly sedate in this match, Watson receives the ball at the end of a brilliant set piece to score the game’s first try. The conversion is unsuccessful. Score is now Wales 0, England 8.

5:09pm GMT: Halfpenny for Wales with a penalty kick. Score is now Wales 3, England 8.

“That is a bonus for Wales. To be realistic, they haven’t been in the game yet.”

Jonathan Davies

5:17pm GMT: The home crowd are doing their best to get behind Wales but they’re not really doing anything to reward it. No forward progress is being made at all, aside from one cheeky charge off the back of a quick penalty.

5:30pm GMT: Wales are adamant that this is a kicking game but they’re doing nothing to follow up on it. No aim to the kicks and the chase is lethargic.

5:21pm GMT: Another penalty opportunity for England but this time Farrell misses to the right.

5:27pm GMT: Halftime is rapidly approaching and the crowd are alive for the first real opportunity Wales have had in this game so far.

5:28pm GMT: Kaboshed by a not releasing penalty. Oh, Wales. Happy to kick the ball away and relinquish possession when it isn’t necessary but won’t move the ball on to another of your players when you’re inside your own 22.

“Alun Wyn Jones is looking properly tired.”

Matt Dawson on BBC Radio 5 Live

5:32pm GMT: Another opportunity wasted for Wales as Alun Wyn Jones commits a silly penalty. He just looked lost and didn’t know where to go. Our score at the half is Wales 3, England 8.

5:48pm GMT: The whistle of Mathieu Raynal marks the start of the second half at Principality Stadium. England have a lot of fresh blood in reserve for the second half – Cole, Lawes, Curry, Mitchell, Arundell – but Wales have a game changer in Biggar waiting in the wings.

5:49pm GMT: Incredible way to start the second half for Wales! Louis Rees-Zammit with the breakaway interception to finally reach paydirt for Wales. A successful conversion gives Wales the lead 10-8.

5:52pm GMT: England answer immediately and power the ball down the field and over the line. England back in front again, 10-15.

5:59pm GMT: There’s a battle going on in the stands as well as on the field, as the rather large English contingent bellow out Swing Low, Sweet Chariot to a chorus of boos from the home team fans.

6:02pm GMT: Wales, at the halfway line, kick away possession again. In case you missed it, they’re trailing in this game…

6:03pm GMT: Dan Biggar is on for Wales. Jonathan Davies is questioning the logic of taking Josh Adams off for Wales.

6:12pm GMT: Owen Farrell lines up to kick. Several governments change, babies are born and work to retirement and then, when he eventually kicks the ball, he misses. Cheers, Owen.

6:20pm GMT: The pace has slowed once again in this game, probably at the design of England. Wales still don’t seem to want to try and advance it so the English defense can sit back and continue to drive the Welsh back and away from scoring position. A matter of time for England unless Wales shape up.

6:22pm GMT: A key missed opportunity for England is missed this time. England in the red zone and driving but are called for not releasing and the Welsh clear it away.

6:26pm GMT: In what could be the nail in the Welsh coffin, Lawrence receives the ball out wide to take the English score to 20. Farrell, or Faffell, faffs about them fails to convert. Current score is now Wales 10, England 20.

6:30pm GMT: This Welsh team are too crowded defensively and offensively to be effective. Every team that’s beaten them so far has done so with neat line play, expoiting gaps created by Welsh players bunching. It looks like Wales are just running out of numbers but they’re just out of place. Poor discipline.

6:32pm GMT: Late substitutions by England in the dying seconds of this game. Just getting their players on the field or playing a psychological game? You decide.

6:33pm GMT: And that is it. The final whistle blows. Full time in Cardiff with the final score Wales 10, England 20.

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Images Source: BBC Sport

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