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Live coverage: Six Nations – France vs. Scotland

Live updates from 100th official meeting of France vs. Scotland in the 2023 Six Nations Championship, live from Paris.

Starting lineups for today’s game:


  • 15 Ramos
  • 14 Penaud
  • 13 Fickou
  • 12 Falatea Moefana
  • 11 Dumortier
  • 10 Ntamack
  • 9 Dupont
  • 1 Baille
  • 2 Marchand
  • 3 Haouas
  • 4 Flament
  • 5 Willemse
  • 6 Jelonch
  • 7 Ollivon
  • 8 Alldritt


  • 15 Hogg
  • 14 Steyn
  • 13 H Jones
  • 12 Tuipulotu
  • 11 van der Merwe
  • 10 Russell
  • 9 White
  • 1 Schoeman
  • 2 Turner
  • 3 Fagerson
  • 4 R Gray
  • 5 Gilchrist
  • 6 Ritchie
  • 7 Watson
  • 8 Fagerson

2:56pm GMT: The teams are out on the field, ready for the national anthems. The weather in France is bright and sunny but also bitterly cold, much the same as it is for us in the South East of England this afternoon.

3:01pm GMT: The ball delivered to midfield by a remote control Renault Megane. Because why not?

3:01pm GMT: The opening whistle blows and we are underway in Paris.

3:04pm GMT: The ITV commentary team are reporting a strong wind within the stadium which will, undoubtedly, affect the play of both teams this afternoon. The ground game will be important under such conditions.

3:06pm GMT: Aggressive start from France as they fight their away across the line for the game’s first points.

3:07pm GMT: The conversion was successful. Not that any of us watching on television could tell, thanks to an overzealous waterboy getting in the way of the camera… France lead 7-0.

3:10pm GMT: Officials reviewing contact to the head and is deciding on a red card for Gilcrist of Scotland. He was looking for mitigating circumstances but found none.

“It’s absolutely the right decision. Scotland players are wearing a message on their sleeves about the importance of concussion. We have to change player behaviour. You have to stay in control even when other players are around you.”

Ben Kay on ITV

3:14pm GMT: The wheels are quickly coming off for Scotland. Right of the back of the red card, a stray boot from Steyn gives France possession and they take it quickly to the house. The conversion hits the post; France now lead 12-0.

3:18pm GMT: Very silly decision by a French player could even the score and have one of theirs red carded.

3:19pm GMT: And they have. France’s prop Mohamed Haouas has been sent off for a targeted headshot of Ben White. Lest we forget, he was sent off in his last game against Scotland for punching a player. Not surprising he wasn’t given the benefit of the doubt.

3:26pm GMT: What a waste! Scotland were driving and with the opportunity to score, the ball is dropped instead. More disappointment for Scotland.

3:29pm: Massive breakaway run for France after an interception. Takes it all the way for another try. Conversion is good. France are running away with it now with a score of 19-0.

3:35pm GMT: Things are getting desperate here for Scotland bu they’re knocking on the door. Held up in their first attempt.

3:36pm GMT: Task complete. Beautiful pass gives Scotland their first points of the game.

3:37pm GMT: Penalty through the posts for France to tack on another three. France 22, Scotland 7.

3:41pm GMT: France are looking for that extra point early. Strong, aggressive play still despite the score. Scotland aren’t out of this yet but they need to match the France’s pure will and gain as much time with the ball as possible.

3:50pm GMT: Hogg acting a little too happy to have received a forward pass. Scottish momentum killed once again as halftime rapidly closes in.

3:52pm GMT: Almost another disaster for Scotland but, luckily for them, a run is called back by the referee. Into halftime we go with the score still France 22, Scotland 7.

4:08pm GMT: Underway for the second half. Can Scotland pull of the a comeback for the ages?

4:15pm GMT: France will be happy with the pace of the second half so far. Scotland are holding the ball but the advancement is slow. More pace will be needed if Scotland hope to close this deficit.

4:16pm GMT: Not an obvious score but Huw Jones touches the ball down in the small gap between him and the goal line. Important points for Scotland who close the score to France 22, Scotland 14.

4:20pm GMT: It seems Scotland used up all their bad luck in the first half because they’ve got possession again. It doesn’t take, though, and Scottish players start tossing the ball backwards without a target in mind but they end up no worse off for it.

4:24pm GMT: Driving out of a scrum, France pass the goal line but aren’t able to get the ball down for a score. Another lucky break for Scotland. Certain points denied for France.

4:27pm GMT: Ramos tacks on three with a penalty for a current score of France 25, Scotland 14.

4:30pm GMT: France are just swarming ball carriers. Nowhere for Scotland to go. A cheeky tap kick is attempted by Finn Russell but it sails out to touch behind the line.

4:33pm GMT: Russell opted for the scrum rather than the easy points from a drop goal. Wonder if he wants that decision back now…

“The big positive for Scotland over the past two rounds has been the bench. There is a real sense of calm down here.”

Jim Hamilton on ITV

4:38pm GMT: Finn Russel finally realising that the little chip kicks weren’t working for him and drives the ball in for a try. He converts and puts Scotland within touching distance of a lead. France 25, Scotland 21.

4:41pm GMT: It seems slightly unfathomable that France haven’t picked up their extra point yet. Even when things looked dire, Scotland have defended very well in this game.

4:47pm GMT: Things are not looking good for Scotland here. France have possession deep in Scotland territory and there’s only three minutes left on the clock.

4:51pm GMT: Scotland aren’t happy about it but a not releasing penatly may have just cost them any chance of a comeback.

4:52pm GMT: And it does. Fickou takes the ball in for a try, finally getting their bonus point.

4:53pm GMT: The French crowd come alive as the conversion soars through.

4:54pm GMT: Game over. France hold on and, frankly, they deserved it more. Final score from Paris – France 32, Scotland 21.

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Images Source: ITV1 UK Broadcast

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