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Live coverage: XFL – San Antonio Brahmas @ Orlando Guardians

Live updates from week two action between the San Antonio Brahmas and Orlando Guardians from Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida.

9:07pm GMT: The opening kickoff is up and we already have flags. Jack Coan and the Brahmas will start with excellent field position on the Guardians 45yd line.

9:19pm GMT: Jack Coan sends the pass into the endzone for number #84, Deon Yelder.

9:26pm GMT: Paxton Lynch with the touchdown pass to to the corner of the endzone. Eli Rogers gets the grab.

9:29pm GMT: My TV coverage has been spotty, apologies. We’ve had a good one so far as Orlando answer the early San Antonio score with one of their own. No extra points have been made.

9:40pm GMT: As the second quarter begins, we’re still tied at 6. Brahmas on offense starting at their own 39yd line.

9:43pm GMT: Coan can’t find Roberson on 3rd down and the Brahmas are forced to punt.

9:46pm GMT: Paxton Lynch takes the ball himself and runs for the first down but there’s a flag on the play.

9:47pm GMT: Offsetting penalties take away the 11yd gain and it’s 3rd and 9 again for the Guardians. Make that 3rd and 14 after a false start.

9:49pm GMT: Small gain of 5yds on the run but the self inflicted wounds were too much and Orlando are also forced to punt. After an early flurry of offense, both teams are struggling here and now.

9:52pm GMT: Coan finds Fred Brown on 1st down but the receiver can’t hold on to the pass. The quarterback is then sacked on 2nd down. Looks like we’re heading for yet another three and out.

9:55pm GMT: Paxton Lynch is out, once again, and Deondre Francois is now under centre for the Orlando Guardians.

9:55pm GMT: On first down. Francois avoids trouble in the backfield and takes the ball himself. He’s able to gain 4yds on the ground before being tackled.

9:59pm GMT: Francois missiles a pass to #18 Jamiel on a quick slant but he isn’t in position for it. Good zip on the arm, though.

10pm GMT: Francois was forced to check down to Kelvin Taylor on 3rd down and Orlando are forced to punt again.

10:05pm GMT: 3:25 to halftime. Brahmas start their drive from their own 17yd line.

10:06pm GMT: Tight end Alize Mack catches a dangerous pass at the line of scrimmage and takes it for a gain of 19 yards. #38 Murphy makes the tackle for Orlando.

10:12pm GMT: Coan has overthrown a couple of receivers on this drive. It’s 3rd down now; the Brahmas are 0/4 on 3rd down today.

10:13pm GMT: Coan scrambled around the backfield for a while before dumping it off out of bounds. Coan is hit late and out of bounds, giving San Antonio a fresh set of downs. Whoops.

10:14pm GMT: First down. Coan to Roberston Jr. for 10yds.

10:15pm GMT: Another dangerous pass. Matt Elam almost walks back an interception but he doesn’t make the grab.

10:16pm GMT: TOUCHDOWN BRAHMAS. Coan to Alize Mack in the back of the endzone. 1pt conversion is successful with a pass to Vasher. Should have gone for 3…

Next week’s action kicks off with Sea Dragons at Vipers late on Saturday night. We also have a true Sunday Tripleheader coming up in Week 3 of the XFL.

10:19pm GMT: Paxton Lynch is back at quarterback. Orlando are using a two QB system today, apparently. Those always work so well… /sarcasm

10:24pm GMT: José Borregales in for a 56 yard field goal attempt for Orlando. It’s short.

10:26pm GMT: At the half, our score is San Antonio 13, Orlando 6.

10:36pm GMT: We are underway in the second half. Some notes from the first half: Brahmas haven’t got the running game going at all, Orlando have put their game on the back of Kelvin Taylor.

10:39pm GMT: A three and out to start the half for the Orlando Guardians. They’ve had very little spark with Paxton Lynch at quarterback. The dual threat of Francois and Taylor at least made some yards.

10:42pm GMT: Jack Coan picks up 11 yards on the ground for a first down. San Antonio’s total yards rushing is now over 0.

10:45pm GMT: TOUCHDOWN BRAHMAS. Jalen Tolliver with a 24 yard recption from Coan. 1pt conversion play is successful. Score is now Brahmas 20, Guardians 6. 8:50 remaining in the third quarter.

10:53pm GMT. Guardians 4th down. Townsend’s punt is blocked. Brahmas immediately take a shot at the endzone. Originally called a touchdown, it is reversed under review. 1st and 10 from the Guardians 1 inch line.

10:54pm GMT: Second times the charm. Jon Hilliman smashes it in. TOUCHDOWN BRAHMAS.

10:55pm GMT: Hilliman takes in the 1pt conversion as well. 27-6, Brahmas.

10:59pm GMT: Deondre Francois back in at quarterback. So far he’s completed a quick pass to Charleston Rambo and drawn a 20 yard pass interference penalty.

11:03pm GMT: 3rd and 10. Francios dives to the 40yd line and gains 4 but it’s not enough to get the first down and Johnny Townsend is out to punt, again.

11:04pm GMT: Townsend is roughed by Beise and Orlando are awarded a fresh set of downs. Finally had a penatly go their way.

11:06pm GMT: Eli Rogers goes deep and fails to bring the ball in. There is a flag down and #24 is called for pass interference.

11:08pm GMT: Latimer makes the grab at the 4 yard line on 1st and goal. WAY more energy on this offense under Francois.

11:10pm GMT: End of the third quarter. When we return, it’s will be Orlando 3rd and goal from the 4 yard line.

11:14pm GMT: Francois in the shotgun. Passes to the corner of the endzone, Cody Latimer tries to fight his way back to the ball but fails to bring it in. #28 Koerner is called for pass interference. It is under review, challenged by San Antonio.

11:16pm GMT: Call overturned. 4th down Guardians.

11:17pm GMT: #30 Jah-Maine Martin on the carry, he runs right and takes the ball in near the pylon. The touchdown is called back for a holding call, however.

11:18pm GMT: Orlando receive a fresh set of downs on a pass interference call.

“Shut the f*** up, y’all, and listen.”

Deondre Francois in the huddle

11:21pm GMT: TOUCHDOWN GUARDIANS. Tight End Cody Latimer catches the pass on the 3 yard line and takes it to the house.

11:22pm GMT: Guardians go for 2? The hell. That makes no sense. Either way, it’s no good. Score is now Brahmas 27, Guardians 12.

11:26pm GMT: Brown muffs the kickoff , but recovers it, and is immediately gobbled up by the Guardians. Coan starts the drive from his own 22 yard line.

11:28pm GMT: Quick three and out. Exactly what Orlando needed. Staying with the hot hand, Francois is back under centre.

11:34pm GMT: Risky deep post from Francois. Three defenders in the area and it’s nearly picked off.

11:34pm GMT: On the next play, Francois IS picked off by #22 Texada and it’s returned 30 yards to Orlando 21 yard line.

11:37pm GMT: San Antonio are driving here. Another score probably puts this game on ice, even with the special XFL rules.

11:39pm GMT: Loss of 13 on 3rd down as Jack Coan takes a sack. Not his best moment; should have got rid of it.

11:39pm GMT: Field goal attempt is up and good. San Antonio Brahmas now up 30-12 over the Orlando Guardians.

11:40pm GMT: Orlando are putting the potential comeback in the hands of Paxton Lynch. Let’s see how that goes…

11:44pm GMT: Lynch is completing passes, to be fair, but with an average of 4.4 yards they’re not really going anywhere. Francois’ average is 0.6 yards, though, so what do I know? Back to the drawing board for Orlando, I’d suggest.

11:44pm GMT: We’ve reached the two minute warning. By the way, the O/U for this game was 36.5 so if you’d bet over, congrats!

11:49pm: Orlando tried to get cute and challenge for defensive pass interference. There really was nothing there and so the challenge was denied.

11:50pm GMT: Brahmas convert on 3rd and 3 which will allow them to run out the clock and win this game. Final score, Brahmas 30, Guardians 12. San Antonio pick up their first win of the season to go 1-1, Orlando move to 0-2 on the season.

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