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Live coverage: Six Nations – England vs. France

Live updates from England vs. France in the 2023 Six Nations Championship.

Starting Lineups


  • 15 Steward
  • 14 Malins
  • 13 Slade
  • 12 Lawrence
  • 11 Watson
  • 10 Smith
  • 9 Van Poortvliet
  • 1Genge
  • 2 George
  • 3 Sinckler
  • 4 Itoje
  • 5 Chessum
  • 6 Ludlam
  • 7 Willis
  • 8 Dombrandt


  • 15 Ramos
  • 14 Penaud
  • 13 Fickou
  • 12 Danty
  • 11 Dumortier
  • 10 Ntamack
  • 9 Dupont
  • 1 Baille
  • 2 Marchand
  • 3 Aldegheri
  • 4 Flament
  • 5 Willemse
  • 6 Cros
  • 7 Ollivon
  • 8 Alldritt

4:39pm GMT: The sun is coming down in London and we’re ready to play this one under the lights.

4:41pm GMT: Here come the teams. England and France make their way out onto the field, ready for the national anthems and, soon, the start of the game!

4:47pm GMT: Officials for this game.

4:47pm: Marcus Smith kicks off and we are underway from Twickenham.

1 Min: England absolutely gouged and outpaced within the first two minutes for the game’s first score. With the conversion successful, France leap to a quick 7-0 lead.

6 Mins: France add another three points from a penalty. Score is now England 0, France 10.

“Shapeless from England off their own line-out. A fumble from Ludlam and they lost their shape.”

Paul Grayson, former England fly-half

19 Mins: Reports of the drizzle becoming heavier at Twickenham. Further moisture could really change the dynamic of this game. It’s been scrappy and back and forth since the last points of the game.

20 Mins: England had the opportunity to kick a penalty and put some points on the board but they… don’t. France capitalise and take possession of the ball. England walk away with nothing.

25 Mins: France are back beyond the goal area again; Thibaud Flament grinds it over the line and the conversion is successful. Score is now England 0, France 17.

30 Mins: England are playing reminiscent of Italy in the last game. Penalties and missed opportunities dominate this match.

33 Mins: Marcus Smith arcs the ball between the posts in the rain. England finally have some points.

35 Mins: France answer quickly with 3 points of their own. Score is now England 3, France 20.

37 Mins: I think England can expect a swift metaphorical kick up the ass at halftime. They’re playing with absolutely zero impetus.

“England look like they have forgotten what intensity looks like in these games. It feels like you are watching a team who absolutely know what a Test looks like – and that is France. England look like a team who are talking about it but not knowing what it feels like.”

Paul Grayson, former England fly-half

“This is what is killing England, this inbetween kicking game. You have to play a territory game. You can’t just keep kicking to France.”

Katy Daley-Mclean, England’s World Cup-winning captain

41 Mins: Perhaps I should copy ‘France have scored’ into my clipboard and save myself the time. They have, by the way, again.

HT: We’ve reached the half. Score in this one England 3, France 27. Yikes.

Opinion from Twitter

Some harsh thoughts there… but they’re not wrong.

5:44pm GMT: Right, underway for the second half. This 40 minutes could seem more like 400 if you’re an English rugby fan.

45 Mins: England started fairly fast but the errors have continued. Almost a sneaky one scored off the kick but the catch is missed.

48 Mins: A try by England? A try by England! Freddie Steward slides in for five! Score is now England 10, France 27

57 Mins: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. France have scored. Thibaud Flament.

59 Mins: Oh… France have scored. Ollivon this time. The ball is under there somewhere. England 10, France 41.

71 Mins: Penaud try, Ramos conversion. England 10, France 48

74 Mins: I don’t use this Simpsons meme lightly. France score again. They lead 53-10 and English fans are streaming out of Twickenham. I’ve never seen anything like this in rugby… not even Italy have been pounced quite so hard.

“This is a statistic England fans won’t like. Never have an England team ever conceded this many points at home.”

Chris Jones, BBC rugby union correspondent

80 Mins: The clock has gone red. Stop the pain.

6:33pm GMT: Oh dear, England. Mercifully, this is over. Final score England 10, France 52.

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