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Live Coverage: Six Nations // Italy vs. Wales


The pressure is on Warren Gatland’s team as they travel to the Stadio Olympico at the bottom of the Six Nations table, in risk of finishing last for the first time in 20 years. Italy has received the wooden spoon in each of the last seven seasons, but they are hoping to shock everyone in Rome. Over the course of the Six Nations, Italy has shown glimpses of their promising improvement, challenging reigning champions France on the opening weekend and giving Ireland some trouble last time out. Despite receiving just one losing bonus point, the Azzurri still have more points than Wales, who suffered crushing losses to Scotland, England, and Ireland. The loser of this game is expected to exit the tournament with the Wooden Spoon. Will Italy take it for the eighth straight time or will Wales secure the most undesirable prize in rugby.

1:18pm GMT: JEZ Sports’ own, Rhysage1, co-host of The Effing Racing Show is live at the game, taking in some beers before heading into the stadium.

2:00pm GMT: Welcome in, everyone. This is TheJezShow to bring you all the updates from this game from Italy.

2:05pm GMT: A loss from Wales would not only net them the wooden spoon but would also push them out of the top 10 of the world rankings. To say this one is must win for Wales is an understatement.

Starting Lineups


  • 15 Allan
  • 14 Padovani
  • 13 Ignacio
  • 12 Menoncello
  • 11 Bruno
  • 10 Garbisi
  • 9 Varney
  • 1 Fischetti
  • 2 Nicotera
  • 3 Ferrari
  • 4 Cannone
  • 5 Ruzza
  • 6 Negri
  • 7 Lamaro
  • 8 Cannone


  • 15 Li Williams
  • 14 Adams
  • 13 Grady
  • 12 Hawkins
  • 11 Dyer
  • 10 Williams
  • 9 Webb
  • 1 W Jones
  • 2 Owens
  • 3 Francis
  • 4 Beard
  • 5 Jenkins
  • 6 Morgan
  • 7 Tipuric
  • 8 Faletau

“I genuinely believe this is one of the biggest games in Welsh rugby history.”

Gareth Thomas, former Welsh captain

2:12pm GMT: The players from both sides are taking the field ahead of the national anthems. Almost time to get underway here.

2:11pm GMT: The view from Rhysage1’s seat. Beautiful day for some rugby!

2:18pm GMT: Officials for this game.

2:19pm GMT: We are underway. Possession already passed back and forth in the first minute of the game.

1 Min: The Welsh fans have shown up for this game. You can hear their voices booming throughout the stadium already.

5 Mins: First points on the board belong to Wales after a penalty.

8 Mins: An EXTREMELY lucky bounce on an attempted kick out of bounds lets Wales walk in for their first try of the game. Very luck, indeed. After successful conversion, Wales are up 10-0.

2:29pm GMT: Another Rhysage1 view, following the try.

15 Mins: Paolo Garbisi with the penalty to put Italy on the board. Wales now lead 3-10.

18 Mins: A very sudden try from Wales, so sudden I missed it! Liam Williams takes it in but the conversion sails wide to the left. Score is now Italy 3 – Wales 15.

23 Mins: Italy were knocking on the door with some very well executed gameplay but a not releasing penatly stops their momentum and gives possession back to Wales.

25 Mins: Some excellent play from Italy comes up short on the goal line. It’s under review but I don’t see this one becoming a score.

25 Mins: It is, indeed, not a try. Another lost chance for the Italians.

27 Mins: A very long penalty kick attempt by Liam Williams is… wide left, again. Seemed to have the distance but not the accuracy.

32 Mins: Italy’s tight-head prop Simone Ferrari is sent off as the head wound he receives begins to gush once again.

34 Mins: Wales drive over the line, capitalising on a penalty comitted by Italy.

36 Mins: The wheels have come off for Italy, really, which is a shame because they’re not playing bad rugby. Lots of decent runs and advances but can’t capitalise at all. Penalties are absolutly killing the Azzurri.

“The brilliant thing from a Welsh perspective is we are not having to do anything for territory or points, Italy are absolutely killing themselves at the minute.”

Richie Rees, Former Wales player

40 Mins: As the clock goes red for the end of the half, Italy have their first real opportunity to score. They fail on the first attempt but an advantage is called and they will get another chance.

41 Mins: Scratch that. Italy tackle a Welsh player in the air, Wales regain possession, kick the ball to touch and bring the half to a close.

3:18pm GMT: Beautiful halftime shot from Rhysage1.

3:22pm GMT: If this game isn’t taking your fancy, the Tennent’s Men’s Premiership Final kicked off at the top of the hour. ๐Ÿคท

3:24pm GMT: Off we go then. Can Italy make some headway on closing that deficit in the score?

42 Mins: Some extremely strong running to kick off the second half and Italy strike back hard with a score by Sebastian Negri. Successfully converted, the score is now Italy 10, Wales 22.

45 Mins: Man advantage for Wales once again as Pierre Bruno is binned for stiffarming Wyn Jones.

49 Mins: Rhys Webb breaks through the line of Italian defense before handing the ball back to Taulupe Faletau, who takes it in for Wales’ fourth try. After conversion, Wales now lead 29-10.

59 Mins: Wales are just playing for time now. Anyone for tennis?

67 Mins: Italians not fully out of this yet! Pierre Bruno slides the ball out to Juan Ignacio Brex for a long awaited try. Conversion goes through and Italy trail by 12.

75 Mins: Italy were so close to paydirt once again but it looked like nobody wanted to take the pass at the goal line. Wales gain an advantage on the resulting scrum and clear the ball away again. Story of the game for Italy.

FT: The game fizzles to a close with a final score of Italy 17, Wales 29.

4:17pm GMT: Wales claw their way off the bottom of the table, Italy virtually cement their seizure of the Wooden Spoon for the eighth year in a row.

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