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Live coverage: Six Nations – Scotland vs. Ireland

Live updates from the Six Nations clash between Scotland and Ireland from Murrayfield.

Starting Lineups


15 Hogg
14 Steyn
13 H Jones
12 Tuipulotu
11 van der Merwe
10 Russell
9 White
1 Schoeman
2 Turner
3 Fagerson
4 R Gray
5 J Gray
6 Fagerson
7 Ritchie
8 Dempsey

15 Keenan
14 Hansen
13 Ringrose
12 Aki
11 Lowe
10 Sexton
9 Murray
1 Porter
2 Sheehan
3 Furlong
4 Henderson
5 Ryan
6 O’Mahony
7 van der Flier
8 Doris

2:51pm GMT: We’re ready to get underway here. This is TheJezShow reporting on the game.

2:52pm GMT: Starting off today with a tribute to Siobhan Cattigan who died late last year.

2:58pm GMT: Beautiful aerial shot of Murrayfield. Weather looks about what you’d expect for Scotland in March; perhaps a little dryer than you’d expect, actually.

“The Irish team will come over here with a huge amount of expectation. Their tails are up. They have a Grand Slam in their sights but will have to weather the storm as Scotland go for the Triple Crown.”

Tommy Bowe, Former Ireland winger

3:03pm GMT: The ball takes to the air from the boot of Johnny Sexton and we are underway.

4 Mins: Physical start so far. Both teams driving down the field before kicking the ball to touch.

5 Mins: What a palaver. Ireland intercept the lineout quickly and score but apparently they used a new ball and therefore none of it counts. Not a great look for the sport, to be honest.

“Scotland made the error yet Ireland are penalised, which doesn’t make sense to me. That is a tough call on Ireland.”

Tony Ward, Former Ireland fly-half on BBC Radio Ulster

7 Mins: Richie Gray is replaced by Scott Cummings for Scotland. Ireland’s Caelan Dorris is hurt and gets some attention but he’s up and involved again.

10 Mins: Ireland were knocking on the door again but Scotland stand firm and eventually intercept a pass. Ireland held the advantage, though, so back in possession they go.

12 Mins: Ireland take the opportunity for points and Sexton puts it through for 3.

12 Mins: Jack Conan on for Caelan Doris. The injury was obviouslty worse than first imagined for the Irish number eight.

14 Mins: The line of defense for Ireland is neat and inpenetrable, at this stage. Scotland are passing well and holding possession but the fight for ground is gruelling.

“You can already notice the difference in intensity between the sides. You can’t see Ireland dropping a gear.”

Peter Wright, Former Scotland prop on BBC Radio Scotland

17 Mins: Huw Jones is in off the pass from Sione Tuipulotu. Scotland perseverence paying off. Conversion goes through and Scotland now lead 7-3.

22 Mins: We’ve reached the ‘waste time with a scrum that will inevitably collapse’ portion of the game. Scotland given the ball.

23 Mins: Not too often we see the football part of rugby football but the chase is on after the Irish side kick the ball along the field.

25 Mins: Extremely competitive game so far. Constant action, apart from the scrums.

26 Mins: Ireland get the better of this one as the scrum collapses and are driving.

27 Mins: There’s some question and it’s under review but this is looking like a try for Ireland. Ball is down with the player in bounds.

27 Mins: The call is upheld and Ireland have their first (well, second really but the first one got Men In Black neuralisered by referee ineptitude) try of the game. Sexton is given the unenviable task of converting from the sideline and doesn’t manage it. Score now Scotland 7, Ireland 8.

31 Mins: Irish line not as neat this time and van der Merwe almost takes it home for Scotland’s second try. Once taken down though, he fails to release the ball and back to Ireland the ball goes.

34 Mins: Yikes! A second Irish lineout close to the goal line shoots over the heads of Ireland and into the waiting hands of Scotland. Massive missed opportunity for Ireland.

39 Mins: Ireland are fighting to take the ball more than any team I’ve seen this tournament. It comes back to bite them as we approach the half as they’re penalised for getting a little overzealous.

HT: Scotland had an opportunity to take the lead into the half but Ireland hold firm. Scotland 7, Ireland 8 after a cracking half of rugby.

4:05pm GMT: Here we go, then! Second half underway.

48 Mins: Momentum has slowed massively as the two teams battle each other back and forth. Kicks exchanged, penalties exchanged, players injuried off. Very scrappy.

56 Mins: Irish elation as James Lowe takes one in for five. Sexton converts and Ireland now lead 15-7.

61 Mins: Wheels are coming off. Ireland in for another try. Jack Conan touches the ball down just beyond the goal line.

“It will be interesting to find out why Scotland changed the props. They were solid and then the first thing Ireland do is dominate a scrum and get the penalty and pretty much score from that.”

Peter Wright, former Scotland prop on BBC Radio Scotland

68 Mins: Scotland just look done. Ireland are driving again off the scrum and some Scottish players are just standing about.

71 Mins: Job done. Johnny Sexton exits, replaced by Ross Byrne. He is now tied for the highest number of points scored in Six Nations history with 557.

77 Mins: Ireland sprinted the whole field and were on the verge of scoring but Kyle Steyn’s attempted pass goes forward and puts an end to that.

FT: The second half told a very different story to the first. Ireland dominated, capitalising on some poor Scottish decisions. Final score – Scotland 7, Ireland 22.

That’s another weekend of Six Nations rugby in the books. One to go! Join us for the final weekend of action with further live coverage from JEZ Sports. Could you provide coverage of Six Nations matches or games from other sports? Get in contact with us on social media, @JEZSports, to join the team!

Images Source: BBC

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