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Undaunted By $60 Million Loss, XFL Refocusses Towards 2024 Season

Despite the setbacks recently publicised, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and his team remain positive about the future prospects of the XFL.

According to the old proverb, failures are the pillar of success. After a debut season, the new XFL – under the management of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Dany Garcia, and others – found itself $60 million less well off. One of those owners of the fledgling spring football league, Johnson, seems upbeat despite the significant setback. He has a positive perspective on the world and, as a result, he has already begun to recover from the blow and develop fresh plans to overcome this setback.

Through his Instagram account, seen below, Johnson disclosed that he recently met with his XFL ownership and executive staff, as well as representatives from ESPN and Disney, for a board meeting. The seven-hour meeting was incredibly fruitful, according to the 51 year old former WWE Champion.

In the post, Johnson described the 2023 XFL season as a successful one while also conceding that he and his team had learned “valuable lessons” as well. Despite the financial losses, the group vow to continue to provide what Johnson describes as “a league of opportunity.” The next XFL season will feature significant changes, as The Rock promises to return stronger than before. The ‘People’s Champion’ has already significantly influenced the league by making new and substantial cash investments into it. In addition to money, XFL player concussion, recuperation, and rehabilitation processes have been updated. These are the first of many changes coming to the league before it embarks on its second season, it seems.

What do you think of Dwayne Johnson’s comments about the future of the XFL? Should fans and investors be worried about the future of the spring football alternative? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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