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AEW Dynamite Live Coverage and tl;dr Results (November 15th, 2023)

On the last Dynamite before Full Gear, we get some preview matches for the big event, highlighted by the Like a Dragon Gaiden Street Fight. Live results from AEW Dynamite, November 15th, 2023.

Broadcast live from Toyota Arena, Ontario, California, USA

Wheeler Yuta and Jon Moxley defeated Hook and Orange Cassidy

The opening contest sees Hook and Orange Cassidy taking on Jon Moxley and Wheeler Yuta. Hook and Orange Cassidy head into the crowd to take the fight to the Blackpool Combat Club. Cassidy was taken out of the match for quite some time with an injury to his arm. When Cassidy did get into the match, he found himself isolated in much the same way, kept away from the FTW Champion in the BCC corner. Hook finally tagged in but Wheeler Yuta stepped it up and was able to pin Hook using his ‘Seatbelt’ Crucifix Pin manoeuvre. After the match, Mox took to the mic and informed Orange Cassidy that, at Full Gear, it’s time for a course correction, that he will grind OC into dust and walk out International Champion. Apparently, there’s not a damn thing Orange Cassidy can do to stop it. Might as well not turn up then, eh?

Swerve Strickland and “Hangman” Adam Page Face to Face

Tony Schiavone hosted the final meeting before Full Gear between “Hangman” Adam Page and Swerve Strickland. It had been decreed that the two would not be allowed to become physical or both would be suspended for the remainder of 2023 and their match cancelled. Schiavone asked Swerve what led to him breaking into Page’s house but Page took the mic and answered for him. He reasoned that it’s because Swerve is a coward, a waste of human life and grade A dumbass. Page took things to the next level saying that he wasn’t the man he thought he was.

You are not the man you think you are. It’s the reason your fiancé left you, and it’s the reason your kids won’t talk to you!

Prince Nana makes his living, then spends that living buying weed from some high schoolers. I’m gonna beat you up AND steal your weed.

Adam Page to Swerve Strickland

Hangman went on to say that he’s a dumbass for letting Prince Nana exploit him. Adam Page closed saying that he would take Swerve to an eternity of living in Swerve’s House at the bottom of hell before noting that while he and Strickland couldn’t be physical, nothing was in place to stop he and Nana throwing hands. Page attacked Prince Nana, fought of security and stood tall in the middle of the ring.

Backstage, Roderick Strong and The Kingdom suggested they know the identity of The Devil. Roddy called Adam Cole on the screen and told him that it was MJF. Despite this, ADAM wasn’t buying it and hung up on him.

Skye Blue defeated Red Velvet

Still in her Scooby Doo attire (Skyby Bloo?), Skye Blue went one on one with Red Velvet. Skye Blue qualified for the triple threat for the TBS Championship, joining champion Kris Statlander, and Julia Hart, with a pinfall victory over Velvet.

Backstage, RJ City kept his promise to facilitate a meeting between Mariah May and Toni Storm. It didn’t go well. Storm kicked her out and asked her creepy butler dude to ask Tony Khan for a tune up match on Collision before she takes on Hikaru Shida at Full Gear.

Samoa Joe squashed Jon Cruz

Completely validating why he vacated the ROH World Television Championship (/sarcasm), Samoa Joe crushed a jobber. After the match, Joe once again appealed to AEW World Champion, MJF, to enlist his services at Full Gear and award him a title match in return.

The Young Bucks defeated Penta el Zero Miedo and Komander

Tuning up for their ‘friendly competition’ with Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho on Saturday, The Young Bucks took on the team of Penta el Zero Miedo and Komander in a tag team match. Well, they called it a tag team match but with Rick Knox officiating there was very little of the actual tagging bit. Komander nearly surprised Matt Jackson after Penta delivered a Fear Factor on the ring apron to Nick, but he only achieved a nearfall. The Young Bucks employed some dirty tactics to achieve victory in their hometown, though, kicking both men between the legs and using their Full Gear opponents’ signature moves to get the pinfall.

Backstage, Lexi Nair asked why they cheated for victory. Before they could fully give their answer, Kenny Omega interrupted and gave them a talking down. Chris Jericho approached and told Kenny not to waste his time with these kids. The Bucks sucker punched Jericho and escaped.

The Gunns squashed Peter Avalon and Watts

More tune up match action, next, as The Gunns took on Peter Avalon and Watts? No idea, honestly. Another quick squash and The Gunns promised victory at Full Gear for the ROH World Tag Team Championships.

Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, Kota Ibushi and Paul Wight defeated Konosuke Takeshita, Kyle Fletcher, Powerhouse Hobbs and Brian Cage in the Like a Dragon Gaiden Street Fight

Up next was the Like a Dragon Gaiden Street Fight. The match got underway on the stage with Paul Wight cleaning house. After chokeslamming Kyle Fletcher off the stage and through a table, he ushered Powerhouse Hobbs backstage. After fighting around a car for a while, Hobbs powerslammed Wight from some wooden pallets onto the windscreen and bonnet of the car. It wasn’t pretty. Throughout the match, there were lots of fun spots using the game based props, including Kota Ibushi riding a push bike around ringside and being brutally clotheslined off of it.

Honestly, this should have been the match at Full Gear instead of the Bucks one… without Wight and Brian Cage, probably. Ibushi continued to received damage later in the match when Fletcher delivered a Tombstone Piledriver through a sign and some chairs at ringside. Powerhouse Hobbs also made his way back to the ring and asserted his dominance but Omega and Jericho took care of him by duct taping his arms to the ring ropes. This allowed Kenny Omega to put Brian Cage away with the One Winged Angel and pick up the win for his team.

After the match, Tony Khan announced on Twitter that Kota Ibushi was now officially All Elite.

We Hear From MJF

In the main event slot of Dynamite, we hear from the AEW World Champion, MJF, ahead of his two upcoming matches at Full Gear. MJF opened apologising to The Acclaimed and Adam Cole for getting caught in the crosshairs that is Maxwell Jacob Friedman, and he gave them all get well wishes. Max went on to say that he’s in a position that’s like being at the top of a mountain with men climbing up to knock him off the summit. He admitted that he was afraid of the situation he was in but, mostly, he was afraid that he would let the fans down. That said, being afraid doesn’t mean he’s willing to quit or give up his place at the top of the mountain. They better send an army to try and bring him down.

MJF turned his attentions directly to Jay White, saying he better bring his best to Full Gear but that he didn’t think White could. He then addressed The Devil, saying he would find out who they are and that, when he does, there will be hell to pay. This brought Max’s Full Gear challenger, Jay White, to the ring. White told Max to stop embarassing himself. He’s the villain. Always has, always will be. Switchblade insisted that Max was The Devil and that the fans would turn on him when the truth came out. White closed saying if he wasn’t down with that, he had two words for him. “Get ’em.” This brought The Gunns and Juice Robinson through the crowd to jump the champion. Jay White pinned MJF and, after a fake 1-2-3, Jay White stood tall with his Bang Bang Gang as AEW Dynamite rolled off the air.

Are you excited for Full Gear? Did Dynamite convince you to spend your money on it? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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